What does this sign mean? What does this sign mean?

  • A. Commercial vehicles can park for 30 minutes to the right of the sign

  • B. Any vehicle can park for 30 minutes to the right of the sign

  • C. There's no parking for any vehicle to the right of the sign, but to the left you can park for 30 minutes

    The correct answer is B
    The number on the sign indicates how long you can park there in minutes, and the arrow indicates the direction you can park in.

Parking sign examples

This sign is a parking sign.

Parking signs are usually blue with white writing. Apart from 5-minute parking, they are in increments of 10 minutes up to 60 minutes, then in 60-minute intervals up to 240 minutes.

At the edge of each parking area will be a sign with a time and an arrow pointing in the direction of the parking.

120-minute parking sign

Repeater signs will be placed not more than 100m apart. The sign above indicates that any vehicle can park for 120 minutes. There could be supplementary plates giving time or vehicle restrictions, or the sign itself might indicate a parking restriction, such as this for shuttle buses.

shuttle bus parking sign

What times are parking signs valid for?

If a P parking sign has no time limit specified then it is valid from 8am to 6pm every day except public holidays. I.e. if it says P120 then you are allowed to park as long as you want between 6pm and 8am, and on public holidays; at all other times the restriction is 120 minutes.

If it says pay and display then you must purchase a ticket from the pay and display machine for up to the maximum time allowed. In some pay and display areas a certain number of minutes' grace is given before you have to buy a ticket. Check on the meter, though.


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