What does this sign mean? What does this sign mean?

  • A. The width of the road is 4.65m

  • B. The turning circle is 4.65m

  • C. The maximum safe length of a vehicle is 4.65m

  • D. The maximum safe height of a vehicle is 4.65m

    The correct answer is D
    This sign applies to all vehicles as it is a height warning and shows the a height restriction that applies to the road ahead indicated by the above and below triangular shapes. All vehicles must be aware of their height because they may be towing a trailer which exceeds the height limit.

Height restrictions for vehicles

Height restrictions such as the one shown above will be seen on bridges and the like.

However, there is another type of height restriction sign that might be seen on council land, such as this one.

height restriction sign

Vehicles towing trailers with boats should be careful. Trucks that have to carry tall loads should use low loader trailers to get some extra clearance.

Vehicles with overdimensional loads might need to take alternative routes. More information is available in NZTA's booklet here.

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