When should you check your load? When should you check your load?

  • A. After driving in snow and/or heavy rain

  • B. After driving over uneven ground

  • C. Every 200km

  • D. Only when you fill up with fuel

    The correct answer is B
    You should also check your load after 25km, at each rest stop after that, when you add or remove items, if you've had to brake hard or swerve, if you hear an unusual sound from the load (e.g. flapping from covers, or banging like the load is moving in corners), if the truck suddenly feels different under braking, and before unloading to ensure that it won't shift as soon as you release any restraints.

Checking the load

Before setting off you will need to check for load security, load height, load width and load weight. It is the driver's responsibility to check that the load is secure and correctly loaded. It is not a legal requirement to perform a pre-trip inspection, however, it is highly recommended and there may be some legal obligations you have because of the load you are carrying, such as affixing the correct hazardous goods signs, or attaching over-dimension flags.

Webbing straps or chains are common ways to secure loads, but it depends on the load you are carrying. For example, loads that can be deformed easily or live loads need different methods to secure them.

After driving on an uneven surface you should check your load as it may have moved or the lashings may have loosened. You should also check your load after each rest stop.

Drivers must understand the strength of lashings and load restraints required and ensure that they don't exceed the maximum width of 2.55m for the vehicle.


Ensure that your load is not overdimension, unless you have an overdimension permit and the appropriate signs. The maximum width of your load is 2.55m and the maximum height is 4.3m. 

Load security

An unsecured load could fall on another vehicle killing or seriously injuring its occupants. Loose loads should be covered.

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