Which of these aren't goods services? Select all that apply. Which of these aren't goods services? Select all that apply.

  • A. A vehicle recovery service

  • B. A service (carrying goods for personal use) that is not operated for more than seven days in a 12-month period

  • C. The carrying - in a vehicle, under a passenger service licence - of goods that belong to passengers

  • D. Moving animals

  • E. Moving mail

    The correct answer is A, B, C
    Correct. Moving animals and mail are classed as goods services; the others aren't.

Types of transport services

There are four types of transport services and each one has its own rules and regulations that drivers must comply with. In most cases it means holding an appropriate transport service licence in order that they can run a business with safe practices.

Goods service

A goods service delivers or carries goods, whether or not for hire or reward, using a vehicle with a GLW (gross laden weight) of 6000kg or more, including one that is on hire to carry goods.

Gross laden weight is the greatest of the following:

Vehicle rental service

This says what it does: rents vehicles to carry goods and/or passengers

Vehicle recovery service

This service is for commercial operators that tow or transport vehicles. It doesn't include private individuals who want to tow a friend's car that has broken down, or carry a race car on a trailer.

Passenger service

A passenger service is either a small passenger service (1-12 people including the driver, for hire or reward, such as a taxi or minivan), or a large passenger service (13 or more people including the driver, such as a bus or coach).

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