What does this sign mean? What does this sign mean?

  • A. You can stop here at any time for less than five minutes

  • B. You can stop here at any time as long as a person remains with the car to move it

  • C. You can stop here at any time if you have a broken or fractured leg in a cast

  • D. You can stop here only if you have a mobility parking permit

    The correct answer is D
    To park here you must display a mobility parking permit on your front window, otherwise you may be fined or have your vehicle towed away.

Mobility parking areas

Mobility parking areas are placed to give mobility card holders easy access to places such as supermarkets, libraries, community centres, and other public amenities such as museums.

They are marked with blue signs showing the direction in which the mobility parking is valid, and the time period if applicable.

mobility parking time limit mobility parking sign direction

Mobility parking permits

A permit will look similar to this:

mobility parking permit

You can apply for a long- or short-term permit by contacting CCS Disability Action here. Long-term permits are valid for five years. Short-term permits are valid for 3-12 months and are for temporary medical conditions. A medical condition doesn't necessarily entitle you to a permit, though. There are criteria for eligibility such as the inability to walk distances without severe pain or breathlessness, or you have to use a mobility aid; the complete inability to walk; or for some conditions where you require physical contact or close supervision to safely get around.

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