What does this sign mean? What does this sign mean?

  • A. Stop in 50 metres

  • B. Maximum speed is 50km/h

  • C. Maximum speed is 50mph

  • D. No parking for 50 metres

    The correct answer is B
    This sign indicates a 50kph speed limit

50kph speed limit

This 50kph limit applies to all vehicles except:

50kph is the default urban limit in New Zealand. In an urban area the minimum length of a 50kph zone is 500m. In an urban fringe area the minimum length is 1000m. 

If there is street lighting then the speed limit is 50kph unless otherwise stated or unless it is a motorway.

Vehicles travelling at 50km/h are moving at 13.89 metres per second.

Speedometer inaccuracy

A vehicle's speedometer will give an inaccurate reading at 50kph and this is designed into the system. They will usually ready between 50 and 55kph in order to allow for different tyre inflation and wear and the different angles of looking at the speedometer used by drivers of different heights. This inaccuracy protects automotive manufacturers from having to settle speeding ticket claims as the speedometer always over-reads. Additionally, speedometers are not allowed to under-read, therefore manufacturers err on the side of caution. They are permitted to over-read by up to 10%. 

A more accurate reading can be obtained using a satellite navigation unit which must provide an accurate speed in relation to satellite positioning.

New Zealand speed limits are here.

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