What does this sign mean? What does this sign mean?

  • A. Vehicles are merging from a motorway onramp

  • B. The left lane is closed

  • C. There's a building ahead on the left

    The correct answer is B
    This is a temporary warning sign usually erected by road workers to signal to vehicles that they should indicate and move into the right-hand lane as the left-hand lane is closing up ahead.

How to tell if there are roadworks ahead

Roadworks signs are usually in orange, white and black. If traffic is merging from the left, be courteous and merge like a zip.

Some GPS units will warn of roadworks. You can also check websites such as NZTA's traffic map.

Roadworks could mean any of the following hazards are present:

For a full list of signs used in roadworks in New Zealand click here.

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