What does this sign mean? What does this sign mean?

  • A. Drive up to 100km before stopping

  • B. A car or motorbike can drive up to 100kph if the weather is OK

  • C. The minimum speed in the overtaking lane is 100kph

  • D. Any vehicle can travel up to 100kph

    The correct answer is B
    100kph is the maximum speed you are allowed to drive on the open road in a car or on a motorbike.

100kph speed limit sign

The sign indicates a 100kph speed limit. But only some vehicles are not allowed to travel at 100kph.

Heavy vehicles (vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of over 3500kg) and heavy vehicles towing trailers are limited to 90kph.

Vehicles with a GVM of 2000kg or more that are displaying school bus signs are limited to 80kph.

Light vehicles towing trailers are limited to 90kph.

Heavy vehicles constructed without springs or other forms of suspension between its road wheels and the chassis are limited to 45kph.

New Zealand speed limits are covered in detail in this article.

Open road speed limit

The open road speed limit is slightly different to the 100kph speed limit in that it is used on roads where there is technically a limit of 100kph, but it's unlikely you will be able to do that speed all the time because the road will have sharp bends and other features that mean you will have to slow down.