Which of these signs won't you see at a railway level crossing? Which of these signs won't you see at a railway level crossing?

  • A. A

  • B. B

  • C. C

  • D. D

    The correct answer is C
    Correct. C shows is a one-way bridge sign.

What signs will you see for railway level crossings?

A railway level crossing is a place where railway tracks cross a road at the same level as the road. As such, they need signage to warn vehicles to give way to trains.

railway crossing on intersection to the rightRailway crossing at an angle to the roadRailway crossing on minor road to the rightSigns that show the position of a railway level crossing will be shown on a yellow diamond. These can indicate that the crossing is ahead of you at a certain angle, on a minor side road, or on a major road after an intersection.

Train signRailway crossbuck signWarning signs can show a train either pointing left or right, and a crossbuck sign. These are often positioned around 200m before the crossing.

The signs in answers A and B above show uncontrolled railway crossings with a give way or a compulsory stop.

Controlled level crossingA controlled railway crossing will have lights, sirens and/or barrier arms.

To see every type of sign used in New Zealand railway crossings, more information about controlled and uncontrolled level crossings, and rules around driving over crossings, check out our article here.

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