If you have a learner licence can you carry passengers? If you have a learner licence can you carry passengers?

  • A. No, not at any time

  • B. Yes, at any time

  • C. Yes, but only if a supervisor agrees to it

    The correct answer is C
    Correct. You can carry passengers in your car only if the person supervising you agrees to it, as they will be responsible for the passengers and your actions while driving.

Driving restrictions when on a learner licence

To get a learner licence you'll have to practice and pass a theory test, which you can do for free on this website.

When you have a learner licence you must have a supervisor at all times and display L plates on your vehicle. You can drive most light vehicles (such as cars, vans and utes), all terrain vehicles, mopeds (but not motorbikes), and some agricultural vehicles.

You must carry your driver licence with you at all times when driving.

What is a supervisor?

A supervisor must have held a full NZ licence, or an equivalent overseas licence, for at least two years, and they must carry their licence while they are supervising you.

They will sit in the passenger seat next to you while you are driving so that they can help if you get into difficulties.

If you are learning to ride a moped and have a learner licence you must always display an L plate, must not carry passengers and must not ride between 10pm - 5am.

Once you've got your learner licence, use the Practice program to help accelerate your learning. You must hold your learner licence for at least 6 months before you can progress to a restricted licence.

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