If you have a restricted licence, what hours must you NOT drive on your own? If you have a restricted licence, what hours must you NOT drive on your own?

  • A. 10pm-5am

  • B. Dawn to dusk

  • C. 6am-6pm

  • D. 6am-10pm

    The correct answer is A
    Correct. While you can drive on your own on a restricted licence, you must have a supervisor with you from 10pm to 5am.

To apply for a restricted licence you must be at least 16 years and 6 months old and have held your learner licence for at least six months.

Conditions and restrictions on a restricted licence

As with any type of licence, you must carry your licence with you at all times when driving.

If you want to drive between 10pm to 5am you must have a supervisor with you. A supervisor must hold a current, valid full New Zealand driving licence (which doesn't have a supervisor condition) for the same class of vehicle as you are learning to drive, i.e. if you are driving a car and they only have a motorbike licence, they cannot be your supervisor.

A supervisor must have held a full NZ licence, or an equivalent overseas licence, for at least two years, and they must carry their licence while they are supervising you.

They must sit in the passenger seat at all times when you are driving.

Automatic vs manual

If you sat your restricted test in an automatic vehicle then you can only drive an automatic vehicle on your own until you get your full licence. If you have a supervisor with you you can drive a manual or automatic vehicle.

Carrying passengers on a restricted licence

You must not carry passengers on a restricted licence unless:

Alcohol limits

Remember that there is a zero alcohol limit if you are aged 16-19. Even one drink will put you over the limit and if you are caught you will be charged with drink driving. 

There's more detailed information about alcohol limits here.

Fines and penalties for breaching the conditions of your restricted licence

Breaching the specific conditions of a restricted licence could result in 35 demerit points and a fine of $100. If you breach any other driving conditions you could be fined up to $400 and receive 25 demerit points.

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