Your vehicle has a current Warrant of Fitness but a rear red stop light is not working. What should you do? Your vehicle has a current Warrant of Fitness but a rear red stop light is not working. What should you do?

  • A. You can drive with it until your next WoF

  • B. You must fix it immediately

  • C. Only use the vehicle during daylight hours

    The correct answer is B
    Correct. The same applies with any part of your car that doesn't comply, such as worn tyres or faulty indicators and headlights

Warrant of Fitness renewal and rules

Where should your Warrant of Fitness label go?

The WoF label must be displayed on the inside of the front window on the driver's side, and be clearly visible from the outside. The top corner is the best place as it won't interfere with your driving vision.

What are the requirements for light vehicles for the Warrant of Fitness?

A light vehicle is a car, trailer, van, motorcycle, campervan, etc, under 3500kg. 

Vehicles first registered anywhere in the world on or after 1 January 2000 move to annual WoFs for the lifetime of the vehicle. For new vehicles, after an initial inspection, another WoF inspection won't be required until the third anniversary of their first registration. 

Older vehicles require a WoF every 6 months.

Can you drive a vehicle that's not up to WoF standard, even though it has a Warrant of Fitness?

Let's say one of your lights stops working, but you still have a current Warrant of Fitness. Are you allowed to drive? The answer is no. If anything fails or wears out on your vehicle that means it's then not up to WoF standard, it's illegal to drive the vehicle and you must get it fixed immediately. 

It's also illegal to drive a vehicle or pull a trailer that doesn't have a Warrant of Fitness label.

What does a Warrant of Fitness inspection cover?

A WoF looks at all the aspects of your vehicle that could compromise general safety. An inspector will look at:

A WoF doesn't check:

Therefore you shouldn't consider a WoF as a pre-purchase inspection.

If your vehicle has been modified or scratch-built, then you might need a low volume vehicle certificate from LVVTA.

When should you take your vehicle for a WoF?

Take your vehicle to get a new WoF at least a week before the old one expires as this will give you enough time to address anything that needs to be fixed. 

Where should you take your car for a Warrant of Fitness?

You can choose to take your car to a large supplier such as VTNZ who will do a WoF while you wait, but bear in mind you can be waiting well over an hour at busy periods. Or, you could book your vehicle in with a mechanic who will give you a specific time they can do the warrant. The choice is yours. Every Warrant of Fitness inspector works from the same rulebook, although some may interpret the rules slightly differently to others.

Be aware that if you take your vehicle to a mechanic they are more likely to try to upsell you into doing maintenance work with them. If you feel pressured in these situations then go to an independent organisation that only does inspections. This way they have no vested interest in failing you to get repair business.

What happens if your vehicle fails its WoF?

If your vehicle fails its WoF you must get it fixed immediately. You are only allowed to drive it to a place where you can get it fixed, and only if it's safe to do so.

If your vehicle has worn safety belts they will need to be replaced with webbing clamp safety belts in order to pass the WoF or CoF. Even a small tear or fray in the belt will reduce its strength by over half.

Can you be fined if your vehicle is on the road and not up to warrant of fitness standard?

A police officer can pull you over to inspect your car if something appears to be not up to Warrant of Fitness standard.

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