When can you use full beam headlights? When can you use full beam headlights?

  • A. When there are no approaching vehicles

  • B. Driving in fog

  • C. Driving when it's snowing

  • D. When a police officer is giving directions

    The correct answer is A
    Correct. You can also use your full beam headlights in urban streets with streetlights if you are not following another vehicle and there are no other vehicles coming towards you, although it's only recommended for situations where you can't see clearly ahead and should be avoided if possible. When using full beam headlights when overtaking, ensure you don't dazzle the vehicle you are following. Using the full beam headlights allows you to see if there are any obstacles in the lane while overtaking. Using full beams in snow or fog will reduce your visibility as the light is reflected back at you.

When you should use each type of vehicle light

Full beam headlights

Front fog lights

Rear fog light

Dipped headlights

Brake lights

Hazard warning lights

When your vehicle is a temporary obstruction - read more here.

Side lights/position lights/park lights

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