When traffic is merging, what is a good rule to follow? When traffic is merging, what is a good rule to follow?

  • A. The larger vehicle has right of way

  • B. Merge like a zip (let one vehicle in then go)

  • C. The smaller vehicle has right of way

  • D. Speed up to make more room behind you

    The correct answer is B
    This allows merging vehicles to slot into the gaps between vehicles already in the traffic flow, enabling them to maintain their speed. It also sets an expectation of how vehicles will enter a stream of traffic

How to merge like a zip in traffic

When merging, merge like a zip - alternate vehicles.

Merging like a zip is the best way to maintain the flow of traffic, as long as the merging vehicles match the speed of the vehicles already on the motorway.

This first example of merging shows the blue Sirion blocking the black Falcon. Then a silver Mazda can be seen racing along the hard shoulder to the left of the truck that is merging.

This second example shows a lack of foresight by the Audi driver who tries to merge from the right when there's obviously going to be traffic merging from the left. The Audi driver should have waited until the flow of traffic was established before merging. The Audi driver then changes lanes to the right a little further up, becoming trapped behind a slower moving vehicle. This is the kind of poor driving and merging that you will see every day in New Zealand - you don't have to be one of them.