Before going through a right hand curve, what is it best to do? Before going through a right hand curve, what is it best to do?

  • A. Move to the left of the road

  • B. Move to the right of the road

  • C. Brake before the curve

    The correct answer is C
    New motorcycle riders often enter turns too quickly. This means they can't hold the turn and they tend to cross into another lane of traffic or go off the road, or they brake too hard and skid out of control.

Positioning your motorbike for a right-hand turn

While the correct answer in the Road Code quiz is to slow down, in real riding it's likely that you will move slightly to the left. This is because it gives you a better view around the corner (the Limit Point of View), and provides a buffer against traffic coming the other direction if they run wide. Check out our complete guide to motorbike lane positioning.

As you turn right, the apex of your turn will be somewhere near the middle of the lane - you don't want to make the apex of your turn on the white line because your body will be leaning over into the opposing lane which means you're at risk of your head being taken off by a larger vehicle coming around the corner in the other direction.

Remember to finish your braking before you start turning. The front wheel carries most of the braking force (up to 90%), and when you ask it to also cope with turning forces, this reduces your braking capacity. 

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