Why is face protection important? Why is face protection important?

  • A. It protects the rider's identity from other road users

  • B. It protects the rider's eyes and face from wind, rain, dust, insects and other debris

  • C. It reduces the effects of hypothermia

  • D. Breathing without one is impossible at above 80km/h

    The correct answer is B
    You can read more about motorbike protective clothing here (copy and paste it) http://www.drivingtests.co.nz/resources/choosing-the-best-motorbike-helmet-style/

Helmet impact points

The smallest helmet you can purchase is a half helmet. It contains no face protection and minimal protection for the back and sides of the head. Half helmets work well if you get a hit on the top of your head, or around the crown.

Unfortunately for riders with half helmets, less than 35% of crashes show an impact in these areas. 

If you like your pretty face, there's a 55% chance it's going to be rearranged by the tarmac, another vehicle, or some vegetation - that's how many impacts there are direct to the face. And those impacts usually mean significant plastic surgery, and complete reconstruction of your jaw and nose.

On the side and back of your head you are also at risk. These diagrams shows how:

helmet impact points left side

helmet impact points right side

You may think that you would be completely able to adjust where your head hits, but this isn't the case as many impacts render the rider unconscious, and that means your face sliding down the road with you being blissfully unaware. Until (or if) you wake up.

The images show that even a helmet with good side protection but no chin protection would leave you exposed to a high risk of facial injury. 

Helmets with no visor protection also increase the risk of non-accident facial injury by stones kicked up from other vehicles, or heavier insects such as bees. This means that motocross helmets come with risks, and goggles aren't as strong as a plastic visor. 

You can choose a helmet style here.

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