How will you notice if your chain breaks? How will you notice if your chain breaks?

  • A. Engine dies and you lose power

  • B. Engine over-revs and you lose power

    The correct answer is B

Mechanical failure in motorbikes

The types of mechanical failure that would give the largest cause for concern when riding your bike are engine seizure, brake failure, tyre failure and your chain breaking. 

If your chain breaks the engine will rev higher and you will lose power. There's also a risk of the chain locking the back wheel which will cause a skid.

If the brakes fail it could be due to brake fade, which is where the brakes overheat and the pads and brake fluid can't provide braking power any more, or it could be a mechanical reason such as a broken disk.

If you get a puncture or (worse) a blowout, then avoid braking if possible, and let your bike coast to a stop. A blowout on a corner is far more likely to cause you to come off your bike. While you can't always prevent against punctures and blowouts, ensuring that your tyres are kept in good condition is the best way to minimise the risk.

Check out these simple checks you can do on your motorbike to keep it in top condition and reduce the chances it will break down.