If another vehicle can enter your path, what should you assume? If another vehicle can enter your path, what should you assume?

  • A. That it has seen you because your light is on

  • B. That it hasn't seen you and could enter your path

    The correct answer is B
    Correct. A car may not have seen you and could move into your path. Adjust your riding position to compensate for this.

Motorbike visibility

Visibility is the key issue for motorcyclists. With a much smaller profile than a car or truck, bikers can be almost invisible in some circumstances. Skilful riding involves looking at where you think another driver is looking and anticipating whether that driver has seen you. If not, move your position to be more visible. If the driver still looks like they might pull out in front of you you can use your horn as a warning.

If you are wearing a bright coloured helmet and fluoro or reflective clothing then you are more likely to avoid situations where other drivers don't see you.

Avoid riding too close behind large vehicles because they will hide you from view, and remember that you can use the whole lane to make yourself more visible.

Visibility is not about having a loud exhaust - this is a myth. Visibility is about the right clothing and the right position.

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