When can cross winds occur? When can cross winds occur?

  • A. When you've made them angry

  • B. As a large vehicle comes towards you

  • C. As you leave the protection of a building

    The correct answer is C
    Correct. Buildings can shelter you from cross winds. As you emerge from the protection of a building you can be hit suddenly by a cross wind, which can throw you off your balance.

Riding a motorbike in crosswinds

While you are sheltered by a building you are in its lea. You can also be sheltered when you overtake a heavy vehicle, as you ride past a hedge, along a road with high banks or when you are in a tunnel, too.

Watch out for exposed areas such as motorway flyovers and roads where the terrain either side is flat as these can be windier.

Gusty winds are more difficult to ride in because they are unpredictable and can cause you to wobble. Consistent winds are easier to balance against. Avoid going out when the wind is really strong because if there is flying debris you don't have much protection against it. Also, on darker rural roads there is the risk of trees and branches on the road.

To cope with gustier or stronger winds, ride more slowly so that you have more time to react in relation to the amount of ground you're covering.

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