When seated on your motorcycle, where should your feet be? When seated on your motorcycle, where should your feet be?

  • A. On the pillion footrests

  • B. Firm on the footrests

  • C. Away from the controls

  • D. Tilted well down at the front

    The correct answer is B
    Feet should be firm on the footrests, keep your arms bent slightly, look straight ahead and stay seated in the correct position.

Achieving maximum control when you are riding your motorbike

Having your arms slightly bent gives you the most control. This is because you have pulling and pushing force available in both arms. If you arms are straight and locked then you don't have any pushing force available for quick countersteering manoeuvres.

Your groin should not be touching the petrol tank; it should be a few centimetres back.

Your feet should be firm on the footrests near the controls.

Don't grip tightly on the handles (unless you are riding over very rough ground).

Sit squarely on the seat and grip the petrol tank with your knees to give you the best stability. Gripping the tank with your knees will also make you more aerodynamic.

Riding on very rough surfaces

Keep your head up, relax and let the bike move underneath you a little rather than fighting it, ride in the left wheel track if there is one, and brake using the front brake first, then the rear brake.


This video explains seating position and countersteering. It's a bit more advanced than learner level, but you will see where your riding needs to be. Countersteering is a way of turning quickly on a motorcycle.

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