When can you park on the right hand side of the road? When can you park on the right hand side of the road?

  • A. Only on a one-way street

  • B. If there are marked bays

  • C. At any time if you leave your park lights on

  • D. If you are delivering packages

  • E. In the countryside

    The correct answer is A
    The side of the road you are on is based on which direction you are facing in relation to which lane you are in. You must never park on the right so that you are facing traffic.

Parking on a one-way street

You may only park on the right on a one-way street.

Vehicles have red reflectors on the back of the car to make them visible to other road users approaching from behind. They don't have the same reflectors on the front, and therefore if a vehicle is facing oncoming traffic it is less visible. In fact, it could confuse drivers coming towards the vehicle because they would be used to seeing the vehicle facing them on the other side of the road.

Regarding marked bays, if there are perpendicular bays, i.e. the parking bays are at a right angle to the kerb, then they don't face the traffic in either direction.

If you are parking on the right in a one-way street be aware that you will have a blind spot over your left shoulder, and that it could be difficult to see traffic approaching when you want to pull out. 

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