When may you park your vehicle on a loading zone? When may you park your vehicle on a loading zone?

  • A. Never - they're only for commercial vehicles

  • B. You can park a car there after business hours and on weekends

  • C. You can park at any time for the purposes of unloading or loading people or goods, but you must not leave your vehicle for more than the time displayed on the sign

  • D. It's between midnight and 6am

  • E. At all times during business hours (8am to 6pm)

    The correct answer is C
    However, if there's an additional sign underneath that specifically says the loading zone is for commercial vehicles only, you must not park a non-commercial vehicle there.

Parking rules for loading zones

You can park your vehicle in a loading zone at any time for the purposes of unloading, but you must not leave your vehicle for longer than the time displayed on the sign.

There are various types of loading zones. They are created for vehicles that will need short term parking to pick up or drop off goods or passengers. Time limits vary but are usually 5 minutes.

They are almost always situated with one end of them free to allow for easy unloading out of the back of vehicles like trucks and vans. They also tend to be located in areas where they will be the most use to goods vehicles, such as near hotels or near a cluster of restaurants or businesses that would receive regular deliveries.

A simple sign might advise that the area is a 5-minute loading zone. This means that any vehicle can use this loading zone for as long as they require to unload or load goods or passengers as long as the vehicle isn't left unattended for more than 5 minutes.

5 minute maximum goods vehicles only loading zoneThe loading zone sign might also have additional instructions on a supplementary plate indicating vehicle class and time restrictions. Examples could include 'Goods vehicles only' (which would restrict it to only commercial vehicles), '5 min MAXIMUM' (which means that the total time you are allowed to park in this loading zone is 5 minutes whether you remain with the vehicle or not) or '8am-6pm' (which defines the time the loading zone is a loading zone and not a regular car parking space.

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