What colour are warning signs? What colour are warning signs?

  • A. Blue

  • B. Dark green or brown

  • C. Orange or yellow

  • D. Red and white

    The correct answer is C
    Warning signs advise of a potential hazard up ahead such as road works, pedestrians, crossing ducks, a sharp corner, a school bus route or a land slip. Blue signs are either parking signs (e.g. 120-min limit), compulsory signs (keep left of the traffic island) or information signs (rest area ahead); dark green or brown signs are information signs (e.g. signs advising directions or tourist attractions); red and white signs are compulsory signs (e.g. speed limits)

Warning signs

Warning signs in New Zealand are either orange, yellow or a fluorescent green. They are almost all a diamond shape, except for advisory speed signs on corners which are sometimes rectangular if they have chevrons (arrows) indicating the direction of the corner.

 Advisory speed limit sign with chevrons

Sometimes they'll have a plate underneath them to give more information about the hazard.

Road marking sign

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