What must you do before you make a turn to the right? Select all that apply. What must you do before you make a turn to the right? Select all that apply.

  • A. Slow down and move towards the centre line before you turn

  • B. Check your mirrors and your blind spot

  • C. Signal for at least two seconds

  • D. Give way to oncoming traffic and traffic that's turning left

  • E. Be aware of your vehicle's swept path

    The correct answer is A, B, D, E
    Correct. You should signal for at least three seconds

What is the swept path of a vehicle when turning?

The swept path describes the space between the different paths taken by each wheel when a vehicle turns. As the front wheels turn around a corner the rear wheels follow the front wheels but in a narrower arc. In general, the longer your vehicle's wheelbase (the distance between the front turning wheels and the rear wheels), the broader the swept path.

This diagram shows how the front of the vehicle follows a wider track than the rear.

swept path of articulated truck and trailer

This can result in the trailer or part of the vehicle hitting another vehicle waiting at an intersection, or can cause the rear wheels to mount the kerb and the vehicle to hit street furniture or pedestrians.

low speed off-tracking

For this reason, drivers of long vehicles have to 'swing out' wide to enter some narrow streets and driveways.

Swing out

Swing out is when the rear or front overhang of a trailer takes a path outside that of the rest of the vehicle. This is a particular concern of car transporters where the trailer extends above the cab.

swing out on an articulated truck and trailer

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