What must you do when turning left into a driveway? Select all that apply What must you do when turning left into a driveway? Select all that apply

  • A. Stay in the left turn lane, or keep to the left side of the road

  • B. Check your mirrors and your blind spot

  • C. Signal for two seconds before turning

  • D. Slow down before you turn

  • E. Give way to pedestrians already crossing

    The correct answer is A, B, D, E
    Correct. You should also signal for at least three seconds

Dangers and obstacles when turning left into a driveway

Turning left into a driveway is a straightforward manoeuvre, but one that requires care in some circumstances. The first consideration is whether the driveway is wide enough for two vehicles, and whether it's marked that way. If it's only wide enough for one vehicle then is it one-way? If it's not one-way and it is narrow then you might meet a vehicle coming out of the driveway. If the driveway is obscured by a wall then you will need to adjust your entry speed so that you can stop if you need to. You may need to wait to enter the driveway and that means you might need to stop in the lane. Have you provided enough warning and indication to vehicles following you?

Kerbs can cause an obstacle for motorcyclists and cars with low suspension. 

Narrow driveways can be hazardous for long vehicles which may need to pull out to the right first in order to turn in to the driveway without hitting the trailer on a fence post or wall.

If traffic is slow-moving, be aware that cyclists could be overtaking you on the left.

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