Who can put an accident sign out? Who can put an accident sign out?

  • A. An ambulance officer

  • B. A police officer

  • C. A council officer

  • D. A member of the public

    The correct answer is B
    Correct. So, if you see one, you know police are attending an accident

Who can place an Accident sign on the road?

Only a police officer can place an accident sign on the road. Other road users can place a warning triangle on the road to inform people that there's an accident.

If there is an accident sign it could be that there is debris on the road and you would risk a puncture if you drive over it too fast. Or there may be emergency services workers on the scene dealing with injured people. Or a tow truck could be removing damaged vehicles.

The speed limit from when you see this sign until when you have passed the sign is 20kph.

If emergency services are attending to the crash, they won't need your help unless, perhaps, you are a doctor.

If you come across an accident that emergency service aren't attending to, this comprehensive guide will help you deal with accidents and emergencies.

If possible, make a note of all details. If you don't have a pen and paper, use your phone. If you saw the accident, detail what happened. If you came across the accident, detail the scene.

You'll need to write the date and time you came across the accident, what are the weather conditions and light like, what's the condition of the road, where did the accident happen (be as specific as possible), what are the details of the vehicles involved, and what damage has occurred. Draw a sketch of the scene if you think it will be useful. There are online software solutions for drawing accident scenes such as AccidentSketch.

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