Dangerous Goods D Endorsement

You'll need a D endorsement on your driver licences if you are transporting dangerous goods by road and it must be renewed every five years. If you want to get your D endorsement this course has easy-to-follow video content followed by questions to ensure you've understood the information. It covers everything you need to know to do the final assessment, plus you'll get a useful study guide which you can keep in your truck for future reference.

The course licence can be purchased by an individual or by a company for its drivers. Simply purchase the number of course licences you need.

Once you have completed the online modules 100%, contact TR Driver Training on 0800 637 000 to book your-in person assessment. Assessments are scheduled on a fortnightly basis at the following branches: Auckland, Hamilton, Mt Maunganui, Rotorua, Napier, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Wellington, Blenheim, Nelson, Christchurch or Dunedin. Scheduling your assessment is subject to branch and trainer availability. 

What are the advantages of the D endorsement online course?

  • Easy to schedule - the course takes around 2.5 hours + the final theory assessment. It is divided into short modules that only take a few minutes each, are easy to digest and convenient in terms of time commitment; you can do one or more modules when you have time. The final assessment will take about two hours and can be taken at one of our TR Driver Training branches at a mutually convenient time.
  • Full access to the course materials for 6 months - plenty of time to work through the course if you're busy, and plenty of opportunities to refresh your memory about transporting dangerous goods afterwards
  • Detailed video instructions - watch and learn, then answer questions about what you've seen. You can watch the videos as many times as you need in order to really understand the material
  • Language and literacy support - if English isn't your first language or you'd prefer to listen to the questions, we've got you covered*
  • You only have to be offsite for the theory assessment
  • NOTE: This is an online course and there is no instructor-led training. You must turn up for the final assessment ready to take the assessment. The instructor will explain what to do and how to use the study guide to find the answers, but cannot help you fill out the assessment materials. If you fail the assessment you will be required to pay to resit it.

What happens when you pass the course?

The certificate from the online theory only proves you have done the study but not the final assessment; you must come to a TR Driver Training branch to do the final assessment. TR Driver Training will give you a certificate which you take to a licensing agency (e.g. VTNZ, VINZ, etc) and apply for a D Endorsement (fees apply - details are here).

YOU MUST present this within 60 days otherwise you will have to pay for and re-sit the course again. Your certificate is not a licence; it must be endorsed to be valid.

Who is this course for?

  • Drivers and operators that need to get a D endorsement so they can transport dangerous goods on a road (this includes public spaces, wharves, car parks and more)
  • Drivers and operators who had a D endorsement which expired more than five years ago
  • This full course can be used even if your previous D endorsement has not expired.

What do you get with the course?

Full access to all training materials for 6 months

Study in your own time at your own pace, take the modules as many times as you need to and really get to know the information. You can access it on any computer, smartphone or tablet wherever there's internet available.

Study guide and dangerous goods segregation chart

We'll send you a comprehensive, professionally produced printed study guide with extra information, useful charts and explanations, first aid procedures, emergency guides and more. Plus, you'll get a handy segregation ruler and chart to help you quickly see which DGs can be transported together. Remember to bring these to your final assessment.

Dangerous goods study guide


If you're managing other drivers, you can add more managers at no extra cost. They can download detailed reports, plus track and manage drivers. Managers can generate certificates on completion of the course.


Where is the course held? The theory is done online (anywhere you have internet access). The final theory assessment is done at one of TR Driver Training's 12 branches nationwide. You can book on 0800 637 000.

Does the price include the final theory assessment? Yes.

I don't have a D endorsement yet. Can I really do the D endorsement online? Yes. You can study online and then come to TR Driver Training for the final assessment. If you prefer to attend an instructor-led session, the full course takes a whole day. Please call TR Driver Training on 0800 637 000 to book in.

I already have a D endorsement. Can I renew my D endorsement with this course? Yes

How long is the endorsement valid for? A D endorsement must be renewed every 5 years.

What unit standards does this course cover? You'll get unit standard 16718 (Demonstrate and apply knowledge of law and practice for the transport of dangerous goods by road).

What paperwork do I need to fill out for the D endorsement? Once you have finished and passed the final theory assessment with TR Driver Training you can apply at a licensing agent to have the D endorsement applied to your licence. You'll need to fill out this form. They will charge separately for this (the cost is not included in the course fee)


  • You will need one course licence per person taking the course - you can't use one licence for multiple operators
  • You will need a computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access to take the theory training
  • You must take a final theory assessment supplied by MITO at a TR Driver Training branch (or your office if one of TR Driver Training's trainers go there) at the end of this course
  • You will need (at minimum) a full NZ Class 1 driver licence
  • Important: if your D endorsement has expired you cannot drive with DGs with just the certificate you get from this course (unless you are supervised by a passenger who has a D endorsement); you must send in the documentation and have the endorsement added to your driver licence
  • *The final theory test will be conducted in English. There is no option for a translator as you must be able to understand documentation and segregation instructions in English.

You get access to the course for a full 6 months which means your driver can take a couple of months to finish the modules and can come back to it as a refresher anytime until the course access expires - this is great if you need to do any remedial work with them. 

Set up is free whether you are purchasing one course licence or a hundred course licences.

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$219.00 + GST per person ($251.85)
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Course provided by TR Driver Training

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Training modules

The Rule and classifications

Work your way through the following modules. You can do them in any order but we suggest starting at the beginning and doing them in order



Learn about the different people who deal with dangerous goods and what their responsibilities are, plus what you require to be permitted to handle dangerous goods.


Carrying dangerous goods

Rules affecting maximum weights for dangerous goods, the packaging and markings and where there are exceptions for the carriage of dangerous goods



The documentation required for shipping dangerous goods by land and sea, and how to create a load plan and schedule of quantities



Rules for separating dangerous goods in transit



Learn the correct way to put dangerous goods placards on your vehicle


Safety requirements and emergencies

What to do if you have an incident when carrying dangerous goods