Driver Assessment

Understanding your risks and then maximising your budget to eliminate or mitigate these risks is an important goal. There's no point giving training where it's not needed, and people don't like doing training that's unnecessary.

The Driver Assessment is the perfect way to evaluate your drivers' and operators' knowledge and current risk. 

A detailed report is created for each person that assesses whether they have had appropriate training for their work, and whether there are any gaps in their knowledge. 

Plus, an aggregate report shows which people are recommended to do specific training courses making it super simple to organise. This way, you don't end up putting your team through unnecessary training; you can zero in on the training that's specific to each driver or operator's requirements.

Plus, the reports contain additional recommendations relating to things a driver and fleet manager need to know.

What does the assessment cover?

The assessment only asks questions specific to the vehicles that the driver says they drive. The assessment covers:

  • Vehicle type used (light [car, van, ute], heavy [class 2, 4, 5 truck and bus], forklift, earthmoving machinery)
  • Vehicle type risk
  • Licence risk
  • Driving and journey type risk
  • Knowledge of the Road Code
  • Vehicle check and inspection knowledge
  • Previous accidents/incidents
  • Roof rack load security risk
  • Hazard perception as dangerous situations develop while driving
  • Health and wellbeing (including fatigue and sleepiness using the Epworth Sleepiness Scale)
  • Light trailer towing and loading knowledge anda risk
  • Logbooks and work time
  • Heavy vehicle load security
  • Forklift licensing requirements and currency
  • Earthmoving equipment licensing requirements and currency


Does anything else come with the assessment? Yes, there is a downloadable document that contains checklists for driver recruitment and induction.

Can I purchase this as an individual? Yes, however, you must select the business account option when prompted, otherwise the reporting feature will not be activated.

How long does it take? The assessment takes between 15-25 minutes depending on the number and type of vehicles chosen.

Who is this assessment for? Drivers of class 1 (cars, utes, light trucks), class 2 and 4 (medium and heavy trucks and buses), class 3 and 5 (medium and heavy combination vehicles), forklift operator's, and excavator and wheeled front-end loader operators. It can be used for existing drivers, or for pre-employment checks.

What happens when you finish the assessment? A report is provided to the manager which has recommendations.

Can this be used in conjunction with an in-cab assessment? Yes. TR Driver Training can provide an in-cab assessment of the person's driving which will focus on their actual abilities behind the wheel.


  • You will need one course licence per person taking the assessment - you can't use one licence for multiple drivers
  • You will need a computer or tablet with internet access to take the theory training; this assessment is best viewed on a device with a larger screen than a smartphone

Set up is free whether you are purchasing one course licence or a hundred course licences.

Disclaimer: The Driver Assessment relies on data input by your drivers and operators. Any recommendations will be based on that. It's the responsibility of the PCBU to implement any training recommendations. The absence of a recommendation doesn't not necessarily indicate zero risk. Use of the assessment is at your own risk.

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$29.00 + GST per person ($33.35)


Certificate of Completion


Approximately 0.5 hours


Full access for 6 months


Comprehensive reporting and recommendations. Downloadable checklists for hiring and inducting drivers

Course provided by DT Driver Training

This course is a joint production between DT Driver Training and TR Driver Training. DT is NZ's largest supplier of online driver training, while TR is NZ's largest heavy vehicle training provider

Training modules

Assessment module

The module below contains the entire assessment which will take between 15-25 minutes, depending on how many vehicles you drive at work. Ensure you can complete it in one sitting.

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