Forklift Operator's Certificate

Whether you’re doing your forklift operator’s certificate the first time or it’s a 3-yearly refresher, the best, most convenient way of learning the theory is to do it online.

Join experienced forklift instructor, Stan Chesswas, to learn everything you need to get your forklift operator's certificate, plus you will learn a bunch of tips and tricks to improve your forklift skills. 

Study at your own pace, whenever it’s best for you, on your phone, tablet or computer at any time of the day. It’s divided into easy-to-follow modules that take just a few minutes each. You have access to the course for a whole year so you can go back to do another module whenever you get time. You can create a certificate at the end to prove you have passed the modules.

It's the most effective way to become an excellent forklift operator.


"The Forklift Competency Course fits our business needs. Operators find it's just like having an instructor sit in class.  We can fit the training in with our operational commitments and don't have to rely on others.  It puts us in control so if it suits your business needs, go for it."  Lance Farrow, Operations, Normans Transport 

"The course is well delivered and takes into account the different learning styles. Each course purchased is valid for 12 months so management have the option of requiring staff to redo the course as part of disciplinary action if the need arose. There is also a considerable cost saving to the company with online training." Rhys Williams, Driver Trainer, Bidfood

"I run my own driver training business and refer my clients to DT for theory training. I feel that it is a very worthwhile informative site that compliments my business well." Colin Manion, King Country Driver Training

Who is this course for?

  • New forklift operators who need a resource they can refer to repeatedly while they learn
  • Experienced forklift operators needing to renew their 3-year certificate
  • Supervisors wanting to understand how to monitor their forklift drivers


  • You will need one course licence per person taking the course - you can't use one licence for multiple operators
  • You will need a computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access to take the theory training.
  • You must take a practical assessment at the end of this course. There are two options: an experienced forklift operator (e.g. someone in your company such as an experienced supervisor) can follow the guide in the practical assessment module and conduct the practical assessment, or you can use any Competenz-approved assessor (we have a nationwide network and can recommend a local supplier). Using an external assessor will incur an additional cost. For more information about the practical assessment click here. The practical assessment comes with a guide sheet and a video which makes the practical assessment very straightforward.

You get access to the course for a full 12 months which means your operator can take a couple of months to finish the modules and can come back to it as a refresher anytime until the course access expires - this is great if you need to do any remedial work with them.

For queries about course content please contact the course supplier, Tasman Training Ltd. Or, if you'd like a hand getting your drivers into the course, call Darren on 021 222 0888.


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$89 inc GST
per person

 Certificate of Completion

 Approximately 2 hours

 Full access for 1 year

To pay by invoice, contact us

Course provided by Tasman Training

Tasman Training's trainer, Stan Chesswas, is approved by MITO, Connexis and Competenz to train on a wide variety of machinery. He has over 30 years' hands-on experience as an operator and instructor in New Zealand and Australia

Background and qualifications

What you need to do to be a forklift operator and the limitations on where you can drive a forklift


About forklifts

Learn about forklift types, forklift parts and how they work, and the types of fuel forklifts use


Capacity and stability

Learn about a forklift’s lifting capacity and stability when carrying different types of loads. Understand and anticipate the dangers of driving a loaded forklift.


Safe forklift operation in the workplace

Understand health and safety work place requirements when operating a forklift. Learn good operating practices and how to manage hazards in your workplace. Learn about what attachments you might use.