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How to set reminders for forklift licence renewals

When you do your forklift operator’s certificate course, it’s valid for three years. You have the option to change the time period it’s valid for (i.e. three years is a suggestion in the Approved Code of Practice but is not mandatory). You could make it two years, but to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, you should not make it more than three years as this would provide a worse health and safety outcome than what is recommended in the Approved Code of Practice.

Setting a reminder

Once you have put your forklift operator through the forklift operator’s course, you (as their manager) or they can do the following to set a reminder:

Log in by clicking on Log in on the top right of the screen.

If you’re an operator or driver,¬†go to Your Skills > Training records

If you’re a manager, go to Manage > Drivers and courses

Search for the driver, then click View, then click on the Training and qualification records tab.

Note that under the Manage menu, there’s also a Training records option. This enables you to view all training records and bulk upload new ones.

Adding the record

Click on Add new record

Fill in the details in the form. You can upload the certificate if you like, but it’s not essential as you can always download this any time in the future from the driver’s profile. Click Save when you’re done.

90 days and 30 days before the certificate expires, both the manager and the operator will get a reminder email to renew the certificate.

When a new course is done, it will automatically write a record with the correct new expiry date.

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