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Walkie and pallet jack operator injuries and how to prevent them

Some pallet jacks are capable of carrying 2000kg and this weight creates a risk of injury. The majority pallet jacks, electric or manual, require the operator to walk along with them, and many operators will be lifting goods on and

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Pedestrian safety around electric pallet jacks and walkies

Even though the humble pallet jack might be small, it can carry a surprising amount of weight – up to two tonnes in some cases. If it’s an electric pallet jack or ‘walkie’, these can be 300-400kg on top of

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What documents should you keep for walkie and electric pallet jack training?

To maintain a paper trail to provide to WorkSafe in the event of an incident involving the operation of walkies or pallet jacks, there are four documents which will help: Pedestrian-operated forklift operator’s certificate or equivalent – This says that

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