Can the motorbike move through the intersection? Can the motorbike move through the intersection?

  • A. Yes

  • B. No

  • C. Only if the red bus is parked in a bus stop

    The correct answer is A
    The motorbike can cross this intersection because there is room for it on the other side of the red box.

Blocking vehicle exits

You shouldn't block vehicles trying to exit a side road, so before you pull up in a line of traffic, check to your right and left that there aren't roads entering the main carriageway where traffic might want to exit, or traffic from the main carriageway might want to turn into.

In the case of the motorbike, there is enough room for it to pull up behind the green car and still leave the red box free. For the blue car, it doesn't have enough room and would block the exit. The green SUV also doesn't have much room.

Blocking the exit doesn't only stop vehicles from pulling out, but it means that vehicles turning in from the other carriageway have to stop and that stops the traffic flow on the other side of the road (assuming there isn't a median strip).

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