Why must a driver do a pre-trip safety inspection? Select all that apply Why must a driver do a pre-trip safety inspection? Select all that apply

  • A. It's a legal requirement

  • B. You can check the load is secured

  • C. You can check for safety issues

  • D. It reduces the risks of receiving a fine or being issued with a non-operation order

    The correct answer is B, C, D
    Correct. It is to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and safe. While it's not a legal requirement to do the inspection, it is a legal requirement to ensure your vehicle is safe and safely loaded.

Truck pre-drive inspection checklist

The following list is a checklist for a pre-journey inspection for a truck. 

Truck and trailer

Starting at the front and working your way to the rear:

If you are towing a trailer, you'll also check the following:

Tractor and trailer

All the above (except drawbeam and drawbar), plus on the trailer and mounts:

Doing this 10-minute walk-around will save you time and money later as it allows you to identify issues with the truck before they become major problems that will take the truck off the road. If your truck is inspected by the police or NZTA on the roadside or at a weighbridge and they find defects then they could order it off the road which could be a problem for the client whose cargo you are transporting.

A defect is categorised as dangerous, serious or moderate, depending on its safety risk. Vehicles may be given a pink sticker if they are unsafe for the road. There is a full list of these codes here.

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