What does this sign mean? What does this sign mean?

  • A. A train station is ahead

  • B. A railway level crossing is ahead

  • C. A tourist railway attraction is ahead

    The correct answer is B
    This sign indicates a railway level crossing is ahead. Look for trains approaching and be ready to stop if you need to

Railway level crossings markings and signs

Railway level crossings are where the railway crosses the road at the same level as the road as opposed to unde the road in a cutting or tunnel, or over the road on a bridge.

There's more detailed information on railway level crossings, including rules for use, in this article.

As you can see in the railway crossing below, there is a yellow hatched box where you are not allowed to wait.

railway level crossing

There's also a give way line (the white line), broken yellow lines to prevent you from parking, and double yellow lines that prevent you from overtaking.

Signage consists of a railway cross buck on a red and white pole, plus a further railway sign with lights on another pole that carries a reflective barrier arm.

Pedestrians are taken care of with a separate fenced area to the left with the level crossing extended to the left to allow for pedestrians with push chairs.

This particular crossing is on a fairly busy road in Mt Albert in Auckland, and therefore is well signposted and clear. In rural areas, some crossings might only have a give way sign and minimal road markings or other signage.

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