What does this sign mean? What does this sign mean?

  • A. A motorcycle may park to the left of this sign

  • B. A motorcycle may park further up the street than this sign

  • C. A motorcycle must only travel or turn in the direction of the arrow

  • D. This is a one-way street for motorcycles only

    The correct answer is A
    Correct. If you park a car or truck there you may be ticketed

Motorbike parking

This is a vehicle-specific parking sign specifically for motorbikes - it creates what's called a 'reserved parking area'. Other vehicle-specific parking signs could be for buses, heavy vehicles, or disabled road users.

This particular sign doesn't display a time limit (i.e. doesn't show P60, or day restrictions such as Mon-Fri), so it is in force 24/7. If it did display a time, all vehicles must comply with the time restriction.

Motorbike parking is likely to be in a short strip and you won't find it in many places because motorbikes can also use regular parking spots. Park your motorbike perpendicular (at right angles) to the kerb, not parallel to the kerb. Parking parallel to the kerb uses space that could be used for other vehicles.

Motorbike parking

Motorbikes can find it difficult in pay-and-display ticketed areas with no dedicated motorbike parking because there is often nowhere to securely fasten a parking ticket. The best options are to use a rubber band to attach it to the handgrip, a small bulldog clip to attach it to the windscreen, or under the seat strap (if you have one).

If there are coin-operated meters, motorbike users must pay for these and can use the bays with two motorbikes per bay. Check your local council rules, though.

However, there are usually areas you can find where you can park your motorbike out of the way of pedestrians and other vehicles for free (but not on footpaths, by pedestrian crossings or at the end of parallel parks).

Some authorities, such as Auckland Transport, offer free motorbike parking in all of their parking buildings. Wellington City Council provides a map of its motorbike and scooter parking areas. Note that some councils (such as Wellington) do not permit motorbikes to park in pay-and-display ticketing areas at all because of the problems of attaching a ticket. Some councils, such as Dunedin, require you to pay for a ticket, but you don't have to display it. This means you need to keep the ticket in case you are issued an infringement notice. In some areas, such as Nelson, motorbikes require a parking permit.

Individual motorbike space lengths are 2.5m long by 1.2m wide as opposed to 5.4x2.5 for a car.

Motorcycle parking is always marked in yellow paint in a similar pattern to a bus stop.

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