Heavy Trailer Coupling and Uncoupling

Connecting a trailer securely is the single most important part of load security. This course shows you how to couple and uncouple semitrailers and b-trains, plus full trailers with drawbars.

Why do a trailer coupling and uncoupling online course?

  • If you've never been shown how to couple and uncouple a trailer correctly, you could be putting yourself and others at risk, or damaging or prematurely wearing out the equipment
  • If you've only ever coupled one type of trailer and want experience driving with other types of trailer, this is an excellent way to gain that knowledge
  • If you are about to do a class 5 licence course, this is essential knowledge

What will you learn?

  • How to inspect the towing and coupling components - the fifth wheel and kingpin, or the drawbar and bolt and pin coupling
  • Preparing the trailer to be connected
  • Lining up the tractor unit or truck and the trailer
  • Reversing and connecting the trailer
  • Connecting the air lines, hydraulics, electrics and EBS
  • Inspecting the coupling
  • Raising the landing gear and preparing to depart
  • Releasing the trailer from the tractor unit or truck

How much does trailer coupling damage cost?

  • A new fifth wheel can be upwards of $15,000 plus the time off the road
  • Repairing a bent drawbar can be up to $5000 plus 10 days for recertification
  • A replacement Ringfeder or V Orlandi bolt-and-pin coupling is around $2000-3000, depending on whether it also has jackknife sensors
  • Bent trailer legs can cost up to $1700 to straighten
  • Damaged sockets due to suzi coils being yanked out can be anywhere from $100-400

You can train 50 drivers for the price of a bent drawbar.


What happens when you pass the course? You get a certificate of completion.

What training does this complement? Trailer coupling training is an excellent course to pair with Pre-trip inspection and Heavy vehicle load security.

Is there any instructor-led training? This course is online-only, but we can help coordinate in-cab training for your drivers in selected locations.


  • You will need one course licence per person taking the course - you can't use one licence for multiple drivers
  • It helps if you have access to a truck and trailer to practice
  • You will need a computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access to take the theory training

Set up is free whether you are purchasing one course licence or a hundred course licences.

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$45.00 + GST per person ($51.75)


Certificate of Completion


Approximately 1 hours


Full access for 6 months

Course provided by TR Driver Training

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