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How to become a driving instructor: getting an I endorsement

This article covers the requirements of becoming a driving instructor, plus advice on starting out, including the advantages of each type of option for your employment. A driving instructor is the only person allowed to teach people to drive for

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Effects of dehydration on driving

Now we’re starting to get into the warm weather you are more likely to be travelling places either on holiday or for day trips, and you will be losing water from your body more rapidly. If you don’t replace your

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Health risks through working as a driving instructor

We are often made aware of risks that professional drivers such as truck and taxi drivers are exposed to during their job. Driving instructors can experience similar risks, plus some others. Driving instructors spend hours in or on their vehicle

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New licensing option for safer motorcycling coming soon

The NZTA is introducing an optional competency-based training and assessment (CBTA) licensing regime for motorcyclists from 1 March 2014. Transport Agency Road Safety Director Ernst Zollner said CBTA would provide a new training and assessment option for people getting their

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Memory tricks to help you learn the Road Code

Why do people profess to have such a poor memory? Is a good memory something that is genetic or something that you can develop over time, even if you can’t usually remember what you ate for dinner yesterday? Do some

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