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How to Drive a Light Vehicle – ebook review

Peter Chalmers has been a driving instructor since 2000. Back in November 2010 Peter and his wife Lilian went to an orphanage in Kerala, India for two months. There were older children there who wanted to learn to drive, but many had never even sat in the front of a vehicle, so had no conception of what it takes to drive.

Also, while the students were studying in English and could speak a limited vocabulary, they struggled to understand Peter and Lilian’s New Zealand accents.

Peter put some learning materials together and they were soon able to understand the vehicle and start to drive. He took advantage of the orphanage’s 45 acres, most of which had crops and a rubber tree plantation crisscrossed with dirt tracks as roads, and taught them how to steer by driving in figure 8s, and how to start, stop, and change gear. Peter taught a total of 15 new drivers at the orphanage, most of whom went on to get a driver’s licence, which enabled them to get work and have an income.

The book, How to Drive a Light Vehicle, is a back-to-basics look at driving. It starts right from the very beginning, even explaining what a steering wheel is, and what each of the pedals do – perhaps things that some of us take for granted.

It covers the operation and reason for the horn, hand brake, gear lever, key, lights, indicators, windscreen wipers, rear mirrors, all dashboard lights and gauges, and adjusting the seat properly. Plus, the reader will learn what vehicle checks to perform, safety tips, starting the vehicle, working the pedals, hill starts, changing gear, safe stopping, controlling the vehicle on the road, and more.

You can download the ebook from Amazon for $2.99 by clicking here

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