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How does ABS (anti-lock braking) work?

Back in the day if you slammed on your brakes your wheels would lock up causing a skid. Once you’re skidding you have no control over your vehicle.┬áToday we see far fewer skid marks on the roads and that’s because

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Skidding explained: oversteer, understeer, hydroplaning and wheelspin

A skid is where your vehicle’s tyres lose traction on the road surface and it can be caused by too much acceleration, too much braking or too much turning force for the road surface.┬áSome of the advice you will hear

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Advice for correcting skids is now outdated and dangerous

If you drive a modern car – one produced in the past few years – chances are that the advice you’ve been given to correct a skid is now wrong and might even be dangerous. The Road Code has been

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Safe first cars for new drivers

When children become independently mobile, every parent wants to see them driving a safe car. In practice, how do you choose the safest option? ANCAP safety rating The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) does a great job distilling the

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