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What to do if you get a chip or crack in your windscreen

A windscreen is a piece of laminated glass that protects the occupants from stones, insects, birds, animals and the weather. The laminate consists of a layer of glass, an interlayer of plastic and another layer of glass. This interlayer prevents

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Types of forklift accidents

There are five main types of forklift accident: tipping, speed, vehicle impact, fumes and reckless driving. These can result in injury or death to the driver or any pedestrians that the forklift or its load impacts, plus damage to property.

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Driving at Work: Reducing Risks

off-road minibus

People who drive for work spend more time on the road in stressful situations while multitasking and therefore increase their risk of having an accident. In fact, according to NZTA and ACC, up to 25% of work vehicles will be

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Safe driving policy

How to create a safe driving policy Every company or entity that has employees, volunteers or contractors drive its vehicles or use their own vehicles directly for work purposes must have a safe driving policy. You can create your own,

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How to avoid being the victim of an insurance scam accident (cash for crash)

Smashed BMW

This is a very rare occurrence in New Zealand because we have ACC, but it pays to understand what happens because it’s common in some other countries (particularly eastern European countries and Russia). In fact, it’s so common in Russia

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How to adjust your car seat correctly

Having your car seat adjust correctly means you will have better control over your car, you’ll be at less risk of injury if the air bag goes off, you will be less likely to damage your knees on the steering

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What is the difference between an accident and a crash?

Accident and crash are two loaded words. A discussion frequently occurs about whether an accident is really an accident – aren’t they just all ‘crashes’, and all preventable? It is a discussion that can be confusing if you let the semantics

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What should you do if you have a crash or accident?

In this article we’ll discuss how competent drivers avoid accidents, and tell you your obligations if you do have an accident. Until computers control all our vehicles, we will continue to have crashes because drivers are only human. Unfortunately humans

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Dashboard and helmet-mounted cameras: how do you choose the right one?

Imagine this scenario: you are driving down Newton Road in Auckland in the left-hand lane and you are turning left into Piwakawaka Street. It’s drizzling lightly. You can see the map here (it opens in a new window). At the

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