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Bull bar rules in New Zealand – what is legal?

If you’re thinking about installing a bull bar (or bullbar) on your car, SUV or ute in New Zealand there are some rules to consider. Recently there have been changes in the laws over in New South Wales because bull

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12 more functions in your car that you ought to know

Air recirculation Your car can introduce air from the outside, or it can recirculate air that’s already in the car. It’s not a completely closed system – there’s always air coming in from the outside because your car is not

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What does that button do in your car? 12 functions you need to know

Fog lights Fog is technically when visibility is reduced to less than 1km by mist and low-lying cloud. However, thick fog can reduce your visibility to just a few metres. On the back of a car will be one or

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Safe first cars for new drivers

When children become independently mobile, every parent wants to see them driving a safe car. In practice, how do you choose the safest option? ANCAP safety rating The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) does a great job distilling the

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