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What are class 2, 3, 4 and 5 trucks?

Many drivers refer to trucks as a ‘class 2 truck’ or a ‘class 4 truck’. Trucks in New Zealand aren’t defined by class, they are defined by type (see below). However, the driver’s licence required to drive them, e.g. a

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Do you need a class 2 licence to drive a forklift?

If you only drive the forklift in areas which are not classed as roads, then you can drive any forklift, even without a current class 1 licence, as long as you have an appropriate qualification such as a forklift operator’s

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What vehicles can you drive on what class of licence in New Zealand?

Class 1 – car licence (learner or restricted) A holder of a Class 1 learner or restricted licence can drive: Any vehicle with a gross laden weight (GLW) or gross combined weight (GCW) of not more than 4500kg, including tractors

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Heavy vehicle work time requirements and logbooks

Work time restrictions are placed on heavy vehicle drivers because driver fatigue is a leading cause of fatal crashes. Commercial drivers are particularly at risk, especially when they drive during shift-work. To keep drivers accountable details are stored in a

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Heavy vehicle weights and loads

Vehicle weight definitions The tare weight is the weight of the vehicle itself, not including any load. Gross weight or gross vehicle mass is the combined weight of a vehicle and its load, accessories, equipment and passengers.  Before an overweight vehicle

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Heavy vehicle dimensions and measurements

Heavy rigid vehicle dimensions

Class 2 The forward distance is the measurement is from the rear axis to the front of the vehicle or its load. The maximum distance a vehicle or its load may extend forward from the front edge of the driver’s seat

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