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Fatigue and sleepiness: how it affects your driving

There’s only so long you can fight the urge to sleep before your eyes will close and you’ll run off the road, probably with serious consequences. Accidents where drivers fall asleep tend to be at high speed because the driver doesn’t

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Driving at Work: Reducing Risks

off-road minibus

People who drive for work spend more time on the road in stressful situations while multitasking and therefore increase their risk of having an accident. In fact, according to NZTA and ACC, up to 25% of work vehicles will be

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Signs you are driving drowsy

Driving drowsy or sleepy can be as bad as driving drunk. It’s difficult to concentrate on the road and eventually you could fall asleep at the wheel with catastrophic results. How to know if you are driving while drowsy You

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Spring and Daylight Saving bring more risk of truck crashes

Spring starts today and Daylight Saving starts on the last Sunday of September. Both of these have the effect of increasing the risk of accidents among truck drivers. Truck drivers often work the kind of hours that gives them an

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