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How can you safely load a ute or pickup truck?

The loading area of a ute can either be: Wellside (with or without flat cover) Wellside with canopy Flat deck (with or without tailgate and side gates) Custom (e.g. toolboxes, kennels, racks, cages, etc) Each type of ute is loaded

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How do you safely load a roof rack?

Roof racks are useful to carry long items that won’t fit in your car, van or ute. They can be used for infrequently needed items such as sporting equipment, instead of buying a much larger vehicle. When we learn to

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Heavy vehicle weights and loads

Vehicle weight definitions The tare weight is the weight of the vehicle itself, not including any load. Gross weight or gross vehicle mass is the combined weight of a vehicle and its load, accessories, equipment and passengers.  Before an overweight vehicle

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