Driving tests

Does your company need an idling policy for drivers?

Fuel costs are a significant expense in some industries. Every time an engine is idling unnecessarily (i.e. the engine is running but the vehicle isn’t moving or using it to power auxiliary equipment), fuel is being used for no purpose,

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Carbon monoxide poisoning when using forklifts

Forklifts that operate using LPG, diesel or petrol emit carbon monoxide when running; electric forklifts don’t have any emissions. If you operate a forklift in an enclosed space without any ventilation, carbon monoxide levels can rise to the point where

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What is vehicle exhaust pollution?

When vehicles burn fuel they don’t do it efficiently and it creates undesirable compounds which we call pollution. Vehicle manufacturers are constantly striving to make their engines more efficient with the optimum goal of burnt fuel just producing water, nitrogen

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Should you stop your engine while waiting at a red light?

If you’ve got a modern car which automatically switches the engine off when you are stationary then you’ll know that this is to help you save fuel and to reduce pollution. The systems¬†anticipate when you’ve stopped then restart the engine

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How is vehicle air pollution tested?

Equipment that measures a vehicle’s speed and the quantity and type of its exhaust emissions while under power driving up a hill is used to measure how pollution behaves in the air.¬†Each site is clearly marked, and there is no

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Factors affecting how people travel to work

The European Commission has been spending a lot of money researching how to get people out of cars. Looking at 112 European cities with populations between 100,000-500,000 they investigated how people travel to work. They contend that travelling to work

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