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Should you cut through a car park or petrol station forecourt to avoid a traffic light?

Does it annoy you when people cut a corner through a car park or petrol station? You’re not alone, but is it OK to do it? Here are the advantages: Less time idling or crawling slowly in traffic means less

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How do traffic jams form?

Traffic jams happen when the density of traffic overcomes one single driver’s comfort in travelling at that speed in that close a proximity to other vehicles. The driver brakes or slows down which¬†causes the vehicle behind to brake, and then

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Labour Weekend traffic

NZTA is advising drivers to start planning their Labour Weekend travel so they can avoid the inevitable snarl-ups, particularly north of Auckland. Drivers wanting to avoid congestion on SH1 can take SH16 between Wellsford and either the Silverdale interchange on

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