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What is a driver licence stop order or DLSO?

Let’s say you’ve had some fines that are overdue or you have been ordered to pay reparation but haven’t. In this case, the Ministry of Justice might impose a driver licence stop order and suspend your driver licence.

How long is your driver licence suspended in a DLSO?

A DLSO means that your licence is suspended indefinitely – there’s no specific end date. The only way to get it lifted is to contact the Ministry of Justice (0800 434 637) or at http://www.justice.govt.nz and meet the exit criteria (for example, paying the monies owed in full, or complying with a payment plan). You can then apply to reinstate the licence. Note that if your licence expires while the DLSO is in force, this could cause problems!

NZTA cannot remove a DLSO.

How are you given a DLSO?

You’ll either be served a DLSO by a bailiff or by the police at the roadside.

Can you still drive with a DLSO?

A DLSO is the same as being suspended or disqualified. You’re not entitled to hold or obtain a driver licence.

Can you drive with an overseas licence if you have a DLSO?

Let’s say you have a New Zealand licence and a UK licence. If you get a DLSO on your New Zealand licence, can you still drive using your UK licence? The answer is no. You are barred from driving any vehicle in New Zealand. You can still drive with your UK licence in other countries as the DLSO only applies in New Zealand. However, if you are using a rental car, they may ask you whether you have any suspensions in New Zealand and this could affect the price or availability of insurance for your vehicle.

Can you be fined if you drive while you have a DLSO?

Yes. The penalties are the same as if you are suspended or disqualified.

Can you get a limited licence if you are subject to a driver licence stop order?

A limited licence permits you to drive with certain strict conditions. You cannot get a limited licence with a DLSO.

Can you use a self-driving car when you have a DLSO?

No, because you still must be able to take control of the vehicle. Even though the vehicle is ‘driving’, you are still the ‘driver’.

Can you supervise a learner driver with a DLSO?

No, because you don’t have a current, valid driver licence.

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