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Streaming while driving

mobile phone use while driving

Broadcasting live video of yourself is now easy with apps such as Periscope and Facebook Livestream on your smartphone. Even YouTube is getting in on it. The possibilities are endless, from enabling relatives across the world to see a special

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Medical requirements for driving

In order to drive you must meet a minimum level of health. Every time you renew or replace your driver’s licence you must either declare yourself fit to drive or, in some cases, supply a medical or eyesight certificate. Some

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Types of trucks, trailers and loads

Trucks are heavy vehicles that carry goods on New Zealand’s roads. If you’re looking for a career in trucking, these are the types of trucks you could be driving. And remember to check out our guide to getting a job

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Getting a job as a truck driver

There is a huge shortage of truck drivers in New Zealand, particularly class 5 drivers, so now is a good time to get into this industry. First you will need a heavy vehicle licence. You can practice the heavy vehicle

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How to become a tow truck driver or car transporter driver

What do tow truck drivers and car transporter drivers do? Car transporter drivers (sometimes called car carrier drivers) transport one or more cars on a large truck, usually from a port to a regional or local dealer or distribution centre.

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Driving licences for rural landowners and farm workers

If you operate a lifestyle property or farm and you have equipment you or your employees use on the property, there are some driver licence restrictions you need to be aware of so you can ensure the safety and legality

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Social media groups for truck drivers

Whether you are studying for your heavy vehicle licence or are already a heavy vehicle driver, you can often get invaluable advice from those already in the industry by participating in social media groups and pages. Bear in mind there

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Transporting hazardous or dangerous goods in a truck or car

This article explains what hazardous goods are, how to transport them, whether you need a D endorsement on your drivers licence to do so, and how to get a D endorsement. What are hazardous goods? Hazardous or dangerous goods are

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Smoking while driving – physical and physiological dangers and risks

What happens when you smoke and drive? The physical process of smoking The act of taking a cigarette out of the packet, finding your lighter and coordinating your hand or hands to light the cigarette means you are likely to

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Health risks of working as a professional truck or bus driver

If you are practising for your heavy vehicle licence you should consider also learning about how to reduce the potential long-term health effects of being a professional heavy vehicle driver. Professional drivers are at risk of a large number of

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