Driving tests

Is it safe to use cruise control in the rain?

Is it possible for cruise control to cause you to crash when the road conditions are slippery? There’s an email that’s been circulating for years (at least since 2002) which purports to explain such as situation – a woman is

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What does that button do in your car? 12 functions you need to know

Fog lights Fog is technically when visibility is reduced to less than 1km by mist and low-lying cloud. However, thick fog can reduce your visibility to just a few metres. On the back of a car will be one or

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How do you avoid a speeding fine?

In New Zealand the usual tolerance is 10kph over the limit, and in holiday periods this is dropped to 4kph. There is some contention over whether this is successful in achieving a reduction in fatalities and as the practice is

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