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Why is the cost of car insurance so expensive?

There are no reliable figures for the overall number of non-injury accidents, but they are factored into our insurance costs. Insurance is expensive for these reasons: Newer vehicles tend to have more complex parts Some parts can’t be repaired or reused

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Learner driver insurance

Your insurance company needs to be aware that you have a learner or restricted driver driving. They may change the conditions of your policy or your excess if you need to make a claim. What is learner driver insurance? Learner

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Seven ways to make your car insurance invalid

You could have car insurance but that doesn’t mean that the insurance company will pay out if you have an accident because there are ways in which you can invalidate it by not understanding the fine print (i.e. the terms

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How much does a vehicle accident cost?

Whether it’s your personal car or a company vehicle that’s involved in a crash, the costs are more than you’d imagine. Non-injury crashes tend to cost less than injury crashes which tend to cost less than fatal crashes. Minor scrapes

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Vehicle telematics and cheaper insurance

Within a few years we will see widespread adoption by the insurance industry of telematics in vehicles in return for cheaper premiums. At the moment, insurance companies calculate your risk based on your previous history, your age, where you live,

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